General Overview

Transpacific was founded in 1993 as Transpacific Securities ( a registered financial advisor, asset management, and securities brokerage commissioned by the authority of financial services of Indonesia) The group specializes in M&A, corporate finance, and investments with large focus in financial services and banking sector. After the 1998 Asian financial crisis, the group helped many local conglomerates restructure, and represented/ joint venture with foreign enterprises to acquire nationalized banks. Some of our notable clients are: Temasek Holdings (Singapore Sovreign Fund), China Railway, China Construction Bank, Texmaco, OCBC, Djarum Group, UOB, Sinarmas Group, Bank Capital, Avrist and Indofood Group. In 2010, the group made a full exit in financial services by spinning off many of its financial services entities, and transformed as an investment management company with larger focus in real assets, technology, and resources


To be a dynamic investment group in South East Asia with focus on quality, and innovation


To enable growth for underserved opportunities


Incorporation of Transpacific Securities
Represented Sinarmas Group in restructuring Asia Pulp and Paper
Acquired 1.2 Ha of prime land in Jakarta Mega Kuningan District, E trade building,
and Simprug Residence Building Acquired Jasnita Telecom from mobile operator XL Incorporated Inti Tunggal Metals company
Represented Temasek Holdings to acquire Bank Danamon & BII
-Jointly Acquire Bank Central Asia with DJARUM Group, Acquired Bank Multicor and merged with Bank Windu in IPO,/br> -Acquired PT Kurnia Cipta Pratama, palm oil and tapioca concession in Sumatra, Indonesia
Jointly set up Transpacific Railway with China Railway & Bukit Asam (State owned mining group) Completed Development of Transpacific Tower
Sold Transpacific Railway to Rajawali Group
Acquired over 6000 Ha of agricultural, and prime land in Kepri Islands, Jakarta, Pontianak, Kalimantan, and Jambi
Acquired PT Millennium Pharmacon International, Tbk
Completed development of Oakwood Premier Cozmo Jakarta
Sold Transpacific Tower
Sold PT Kurnia Cipta Pratama to Providence Capital which became Providence Agro
Spun off Bank Windu to China Construction Bank, spun off Multicor Insurance to Hanwa Life,
Sold Transpacific Securities to OCBC Securities, Sold Transpacific Asset Management to Avrist Insurance, Sold Transpacific Finance to Sinarmas Group
Sold PT Millennium Pharmacon International, Tbk to Danpac Securities
Restructured and transformed to become Investment Management focus on real assets, technology, and resources Acquired coking coal mining concessions from Straits Resources Australia
Restructured Jasnita from VOIP/ calling card provider to cloud communications & smart city solutions
Jasnita acquired Karta Indonesia Global ( innovative Out of Home Media) to pursue digital new age media segment
Completed development of L'avenue Pancoran
Coking coal mines operational
Jasnita Telecom IPO to pursue smart city MarketShare and lead in emergency call service & cloud communications

Financial Highlights


PT Pacific Intidwipa Realty/Cozmo Service Apartments

Our properties combined have over 800,000 Sqft in total leasable space with average of 90% occupancy

L'Avenue Pancoran Jakarta

Simprug Indah Residence

Oakwood Premier Cozmo

E Trade Building

Manufacturing/ Industrial

IMS Global Pte Ltd (SG)/ PT Inti Tunggal Persada Jaya/ PT Rapi Cipta Indah

What is IMS & Inti Tunggal?

Total 3 Industrial Facilities


Notable Customers


PT Raya Fortuna Energy/
Cozmo Trading Pte Ltd (SG)

Technology, Media and Telecom

PT Jasnita Telekomindo, Tbk

Technology, Media and Telecom

PT Jasnita Telekomindo, Tbk

Smart City (JASGRID)

Technology, Media and Telecom

PT Jasnita Telekomindo, Tbk

Media OOH (Karta)