Transpacific Coin

Transpacific Coin , adopting industrial revolution 5.0, changing the way traditional industries work.

What is Transpacific Coin?

It is a ERC20 standard token that facilitates business and project
funding through its DeFi service. Offering its holders yield farming, and access to traditional
industries such as Iron, Coal and Nickel Mining, Infrastructures, Green Energy and Carbon Credits, and more.

Who Are We?

We are Transpacific Group, a conglomerate that started humbly as a financial service provider, and later expanded into a wide range of businesses , from mining to farming and to developments.
With thirty over years of experiences in different field, and being a front runner of the industry, we will lead the new revolution through blockchain technology, changing the way traditional industries work.

Why Transpacific Coin?

36 years in business

Strong Team of Experts

Institutional Supports and Adoptions

Quarterly Token Burn Event

Automatic Market Making

100% burn on transaction fees

Road Map

Project Team

Suganda Setiadikurnia


Founder of Transpacific Group, 30 over years in the industry of Finance , with extensive experience in the field.

Ruly Frans Satrio


Ruly has been assigned multiple key positions in many major mining companies, with extensive experience in corporate & mining management. Ruly currently leading the transpacific team.

William Wang

Lead Consultant

Developer of multiple major ICO projects, has a strong track record of ICO developments.

James Henderson

Chief Technologoy Officer

In development for the past 10 over years, James is familiar with multiple smart contract languages, leading the development team.

Mining Team

La Ode Sapta Akhirudin

Geologist Consultant

La Ode Sapta Akhirudin has been working in the Indonesian coal mining industry for over 17 years and has significant experience in the field of exploration and resources assessment.

Wahyu Widodo

Head of Mining

10 over years of experience in mine planning, and has been involved with multiple major mining projects in indonesia.

Development Team

Jasmine Tran

Regional Head of Business Development

Jasmine has great track record in corporate branding and corporate collaboration.

James Henderson

Blockchain Developer

In development for the past 10 over years, James is familiar with multiple smart contract languages, leading the development team.

Thao Nguyen

Chief Marketing Officer

Thao is great in marketing , always with new creative ideas to turn marketing lively.

Ngoc Linh

Legal and Audit

Legal adviser, and auditor for the ICO project.

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How do we extract minerals?

The primary methods used to extract minerals from the ground are:  Underground mining Surface (open pit) mining Placer mining  The location and shape of the deposit,

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